Frequently Asked Questions

image_preview.pngFrequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do users access and register their GAM?

Q:  Is the GAM only used for projects in humanitarian settings?

Q:  Is use of the GAM mandatory for both project design and project monitoring?

Q:  How will the GAM be integrated into OCHA systems like OPS and CBPF GMS?

Q:  Can a GAM code be entered in OPS, without the GAM form having been completed?

Q:  If partners are applying the GAM online, how do oversight (funding) partners, sector coordinators and OCHA ensure quality control?

Q:  Can users get a report of the project information they submitted to the GAM?

Q:  Who provides feedback to implementing agency(ies) to improve programming and strategies?

Q:   Why are the GAM age groups ambiguous, instead of referring to specific ages, e.g. 0-5?

Q:  When one activity does not comply with a GEM, or when one GEM is not present, how should we rate the project?

Q:  The GAM requests a Project Name and Project ID Number.  What should be entered here?

Q:   Are all projects expected to address gender-based violence?

Q:  Is it acceptable to provide gender breakdown in percentages for sex- and age-disaggregated data (rather than specific numbers of beneficiaries) in the project proposal?

Q:  We changed some things in our project design to better address gender differences.  But when we enter the GAM reference number, it looks like we must enter all the project data all over again!  Is this necessary?

Q:  Are some GEMs more relevant to some sectors than others?

Q:  How many times should the monitoring phase of the GAM be applied, and by whom?

Q:  If a project is already underway, can you start using the GAM at the monitoring phase?

Q:  Won’t the GAM generate different answers according to the rigor and the comprehension of the examiners?

Q:  What assurance is there that GAM monitoring results are used to improve gender equality programming in the proposed project? Who monitors compliance?

Q:  Who has access to GAM data and reports?

Q:  Our organization already has its own gender marker.  Do we have to use it AND the IASC GAM?

Q:  How much extra work will applying the GAM cause for project teams (designers and monitors?)

Q:   Won’t mainstreaming gender incur additional costs and time?

Q:   Will correcting unintended effects add to the cost of our projects?